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Best Mobile Triggers For Free Fire in 2020|With Pros And Cons

If you are searching for the best mobile trigger available right now in the market for Free Fire, then you are in the right place. How mobile triggers will help you while playing Free Fire? If you are unable to play with four finger claw or you are tired of hearing noobs from your teammates, then these mobile triggers may help you while playing the game. You will be able to play the game very easily. The trigger allows us to fire or shoot the enemy without moving their fingers. These triggers will help you to play with four fingers. Best Mobile Trigger For Free Fire 1.SpinBot BattleMods X1- This trigger is one of the best triggers for free fire. This trigger comes under Rupees 500, the prices of this trigger may go up and down, so I will suggest you, buy-in sale to save some extra bucks. Its button is made up of alloy therefore it will have an instant click, which means it will be faster than the plastic button. It comes with zero lag respo

Best Place To Loot in Garena Free Fire in 2020|The Complete Guide

Are you searching for the best places to loot in Free Fire? If yes then you are at the right place. In this blog, you will read about the best places, where you can loot in Free Free. How many maps are there in free fire battleground? There are two maps in free fire battleground ranked match. They are- Bermuda Purgatory How many places are there in Free Fire Battleground? In Bermuda map, there are 28 places to land. They are- 1. Waterfront 2. Shipyard 3. Riverside 4. Crossroads 5. Dormitory 6. Ranch 7. Plantation 8. Mill 9. Outpost 10. Katulistiwa 11. Guard House 12. Power Planet 13. Keraton 14. Bimasaki Strip 15. Construction Site 16. Peak 17. Office 18. Mountain Pass 19. Cape Town 20. Vehicle Park 21. Hanger 22. Kota Tua 23. Warehouse 24. Factory 25. Wreckage 26. Pochinok 27. Mars Electric 28. Sentosa In Purg

Free Fire Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher in 2020|The Ultimate Guide

Free Fire and other battle royale games like PUBG are getting popular day-by-day and the competition is also increasing, as more and more players are joining this game. So, In this blog, you will read about some of the best tips and tricks for free fire, which will help you to play better and rank higher in Free Fire. What are tips and tricks? A ‘tip’ has different meanings, but when associated with ‘tricks’ it means a helpful hint, a piece of inside information especially in betting and investment. A ‘trick’ on the other hand refers to a deceitful cunning action or plan. We can use these tips and tricks in many ways, and we can use these tips and tricks in different aspects of life. Tips and Tricks for free fire 1. Always be in cover We should always be in the cover so that no one can shoot towards us and we could easily kill that enemy. It will be very difficult for the enemy to kill us. 2. Use grenades Throw grenades if you are rus

Best Headphones For Free Fire Under Rs 2000 in India

If you are searching for the best headphones to play Free Fire, then here I am with the best headphones for Free Fire, which you can buy under the price tag of Rs 2000. [Disclaimer- the headphones price may become more or less, so try to buy these headphones on sales] 1. EKSA Stereo Sound Over-Ear Headphones Gaming Headset with Mic The speaker size of this headphone is 50mm and its sensitivity is 105+/3dB and the frequency range is 20 Hz-20 kHz. Microphone size 6.0*2.7mm, microphone sensitivity is -38+/-3dB. The length of its cable is 2.1m+/-0.15. It supports Android, the 32 bit and 64 bit Win 7/Win 8/ Win 8.1/Win 10/XP/Mac/Linux/IOS/Android. This is one of the best gaming headphones for free fire. You hear the sound more accurately; you can easily guess where can be the enemy. The microphone is bendable and if you don’t want to use the microphone, then you can easily insert it to the headphone. It feels very comfortable to wear this headp

Best Gaming Controller for Free Fire under Rs 1500 in 2020

If you want to buy gaming controllers for playing Free Fire, but you are confused about which controller you should buy, then here I am with the best controllers for Free Fire under Rs 1500. I have personally tried all these gaming controllers, and they were working pretty fine for me. Using a gaming controller can enhance your gaming experience and it improves your skills a lot, because you can shoot, move, jump, crouch or prone at the same time This will help you to have a greater advantage over the enemy. But, it is not like that you will start playing like a pro in 1 or 2 days, you have to practice for about a week to start playing nicely. As battle royale games like Free Fire are getting very popular nowadays and more and more players are joining the game and the competition is increasing. So, you have to improve your skills to compete with your enemies, a controller can help you in this case to improve your controller. I have listed some of the

Best Emulators For Free Fire in 2020|The Complete Guide

If you are facing problem to play Free Fire on PC and searching for the best emulators available for playing Free Fire on pc , then here I am with the best emulator for Free Fire . I can guarantee you that this blog will help you because I have personally tested all the emulators and they are working fine for me. In this blog, I will also tell you about some Operating System , which you can install on your PC if you are facing problem with emulators, then these Operating Systems would definitely help you. What is an Android Emulator and why do you need it? Android emulators are the software programs, which will help you to use android based applications or games on your Windows or Mac PC . If you want to play android games on your PC and you do not like to play games on a small screen, then you can install these emulators, you will have a great experience while playing the game. In my case, I want to play Free Fire on PC , which is an android based game , so I ha

How to set up controller With Free Fire|The Complete Guide

If you want to play Free Fire with your gamepad or controller , but you don’t know to connect it with your mobile device and you are searching about how to connect your controller with your mobile device to play Free Fire, then here I am with the best and easiest way to connect and configure your controller for playing Free Fire . What are the benefits of using a controller? I have been playing Free Fire with controller for a week and some of the benefits, that I have felt are – you can do multiple movements and operations at the same time. Many of us play Free Fire with two fingers , so we can just fire or move at one time. But, with a controller we can jump, fire , move and crouch or prone at the same time. So, you will have a greater advantage upon the other players, so, the chances will be greater than you will take down the enemy, because you are moving and firing at the same time. Will my Free Fire account get banned because of using a controller? It might