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Free Fire Tips And Tricks To Rank Higher in 2020|The Ultimate Guide

Free Fire and other battle royale games like PUBG are getting popular day-by-day and the competition is also increasing, as more and more players are joining this game.

So, In this blog, you will read about some of the best tips and tricks for free fire, which will help you to play better and rank higher in Free Fire.

What are tips and tricks?

A ‘tip’ has different meanings, but when associated with ‘tricks’ it means a helpful hint, a piece of inside information especially in betting and investment.

A ‘trick’ on the other hand refers to a deceitful cunning action or plan. We can use these tips and tricks in many ways, and we can use these tips and tricks in different aspects of life.

Tips and Tricks for free fire

1. Always be in cover

We should always be in the cover so that no one can shoot towards us and we could easily kill that enemy. It will be very difficult for the enemy to kill us.

2. Use grenades

Throw grenades if you are rushing towards an enemy. Throw these grenades when you are in cover or if the opponent is unable to spot you. It is very helpful if you are rushing to a house. You can also use grenade in the last circle. A grenade is very helpful to kill an enemy, who is behind a tree or any other cover. You can also use grenades, using your own creativity.

3. Use gloo walls

You can use gloo wall to make a cover. You can use gloo wall to distract the enemies by using the gloo wall in another direction. Gloo wall is very helpful if you use it in a proper way. You can make cover through it in the last circle if you don’t have any cover. You should use gloo wall if your teammate is knocked in open ground.

4. Have a nice team

If you don’t have a nice team it would be difficult to get booyah. You can go to discord and search for teammates.

After finding a nice team, play with them practice together, improve your team's synergy.

5. Always find a vest and helmet

Always find a vest and helmet, if you don’t find a vest and helmet, the enemy would easily knock you. If you have a vest and helmet it, it would be difficult to knock you, and you can easily knock them.

6. Always get airdrop guns

Always get airdrop guns. The airdrop guns have high damage, and it would be easy to knock other enemies with that airdrop gun if we compare it to a non-airdrop gun.

7. Always try to aim for the head

Always try to aim for the head, if you shoot at the head the enemy would get more damage and he would easily get knock out by you. If you do mastery of shooting in head, I guarantee you that no will be able to kill or knock you.

8. Use nice gun combinations

If you don’t use nice gun combinations, then you are missing a major tip. Example-If you have two shotguns you will only be able to kill mid-range and long-range enemies or if you have two sub-machine guns then also you will only be able to kill short-range enemies and mid-range enemies, but you will not be able to kill long-range enemies.

9. Use a nice headphone

Use a nice gaming headphone, if you have a nice headphone then you could easily find the footsteps and from where they are coming, and in which room the enemies are camping.


In this blog, you might have read about some of the best tips and tricks for Free Fire, which will help you to play better and rank higher in Free Fire.
If you found this blog helpful, then do share it with your friends and comment down below, if you have any questions.


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