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Best Place To Loot in Garena Free Fire in 2020|The Complete Guide

Are you searching for the best places to loot in Free Fire? If yes then you are at the right place. In this blog, you will read about the best places, where you can loot in Free Free.

How many maps are there in free fire battleground?

There are two maps in free fire battleground ranked match. They are-

  1. Bermuda
  2. Purgatory

How many places are there in Free Fire Battleground?

In Bermuda map, there are 28 places to land. They are-

1. Waterfront

2. Shipyard

3. Riverside

4. Crossroads

5. Dormitory

6. Ranch

7. Plantation

8. Mill

9. Outpost

10. Katulistiwa

11. Guard House

12. Power Planet

13. Keraton

14. Bimasaki Strip

15. Construction Site

16. Peak

17. Office

18. Mountain Pass

19. Cape Town

20. Vehicle Park

21. Hanger

22. Kota Tua

23. Warehouse

24. Factory

25. Wreckage

26. Pochinok

27. Mars Electric

28. Sentosa

In Purgatory there are 20 places to land. They are-

1. Trailer Park

2. Crossroads

3. Moathouse

4. Cove

5. Marble works

6. Fields

7. Ski Lodge

8. Quarry

9. Brasilia

10. Forge

11. Mt. Villa

12. Golf Course

13. Campsite

14. Observatory

15. Airport

16. Central

17. Lumber Mill

18. Rim Nam Village

19. Fire Brigade

20. Military Base

Best places to loot in Free Fire Battleground-

In Bermuda Map-


It is the best place to loot in Bermuda map. You can easily get loot for the whole squad, but be aware of other enemy or opponents. In this place, you get nice Assault Rifle, and you also get scopes and many healing materials like – First-aid kit, painkiller, etc. It is located n south-west part, near Vehicle Park.

2.Bimasaki Strip-

It is the second-best place to loot in Bermuda map. Here, easily you get loot for the whole squad, but be aware of other enemy or opponents. You may also get nice Assault Rifles and also healing materials. You may also get shotguns and sub-machine guns. It is located in the centre, near the power plant and Construction Site.


It is the third-best place to loot. It is located downwards to Bimasaki Strip and upwards to Mountain Pass, means in the centre. You get to loot many rifles, snipers, healing materials, scopes, grenades, and also you get to loot enemy crates.

Be aware if you go to the peak. There many vehicles near Peak. There is also a tower from where you can easily snipe. If there is the last zone then you can go up of the tower and can easily kill the enemies. You can snipe from that place also you can give sprays to the enemies or opponents.

4.Sentosa Island –

It is the fourth best place to loot. This place is located in the south-east part of Bermuda map. It is an island named Sentosa. Your squad can easily get the loot of top-level. You can block the bridge if there is the last zone, if you do bridge block then you could easily get kills. After that, you can also loot the enemy crates by killing them. You can easily get booyah if you are able to kill the enemies during the bridge block.


It is the fifth-best loot in Bermuda map. It is located in the north-eastern part of Bermuda map, near the Riverside and Keraton. You can easily get loot for your teammates that are assault rifles, snipers, healing materials.

In Purgatory Map-

1.Ski Lodge-

It is the best place to loot in Purgatory map. This place is located in the eastern part of the Purgatory map, near Forge. It has a big lodge which carries the whole loot of the ski lodge place.

If your squad comes to this place to loot, then your squad will be packed up with top-level loot. They will have level three helmets, level three vests and also level three bags.

They will be packed with lots of healing materials. You will be amazed by seeing the loot of Ski Lodge.


It is the second-best place loot in Purgatory map. It is located in the centre of the Purgatory map.

The houses are a little bit far from each other. So, you have to walk a little bit. If the last circle is in the fields, then you and your squad can easily camp there.

All the four of you shouldn’t be in the same house, if you all stay in the same house, there is a high chance of getting killed by a grenade.

So, your team can stay in 2 and 2 strategy, Example- Two of your teammates will stay in one house and another two will stay in another house, which is near the first house.


It is the third-best place to loot in Purgatory map. This place is located in the north-eastern part of the Purgatory map. It is a big house where your whole team or squad can loot.

Your team can camp in the Moathouse if there is the last zone. You can kill the enemies who come from the water. Your Squad will easily win the match if you have nice skills.

You and your team can also camp in the Moathouse at different angles.


It is the fourth best place to loot in Purgatory Map. This place is located in the south-western part of the Purgatory Map.

It has many houses where you can easily loot. In this place your whole squad backpacks will be filled up with assault rifles, sub-machine guns, shot-guns, snipers, designated marksman rifle, healing materials like- first-aid kits, painkillers, energy drinks, etc.

You may get level 2 helmets, level 2 vests, level 2 bags and if you are lucky then you may get level 3 helmets, level 3 vests, level 3 bags and if you are having bad luck then you may get level 1 helmets, level 1 vests, level 1 bags.


It is the fifth-best place to loot in Purgatory map. It is located in the right-side of Golf Course and in the left-side of the fields, means in the centre of the Purgatory Map.

There are many houses and buildings to loot; you can easily camp in that place. Your squad can easily go to different houses and buildings because they are not so far from each other.


In this blog, you might have read about the best places to loot in Free Fire in 2020.

If you found this blog helpful then do share it with your friends and comment down below if you have any questions.


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