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How to set up controller With Free Fire|The Complete Guide

How to set up controller With Free Fire|The Complete Guide
If you want to play Free Fire with your gamepad or controller, but you don’t know to connect it with your mobile device and you are searching about how to connect your controller with your mobile device to play Free Fire, then here I am with the best and easiest way to connect and configure your controller for playing Free Fire.

What are the benefits of using a controller?

I have been playing Free Fire with controller for a week and some of the benefits, that I have felt are – you can do multiple movements and operations at the same time. Many of us play Free Fire with two fingers, so we can just fire or move at one time.

But, with a controller we can jump, fire, move and crouch or prone at the same time. So, you will have a greater advantage upon the other players, so, the chances will be greater than you will take down the enemy, because you are moving and firing at the same time.

Will my Free Fire account get banned because of using a

It might get banned in some cases because recently, some of the players who were using octopus app to configure their gamepad had faced banning issues because using octopus app, you can not only use a gamepad to play the game, but you can also use keyboard and mouse to play the game, which is not fair, because you can play the game as if you are playing on an emulator, without getting matched with emulator players.

But, I have found an app using with you can only use the gamepad to play the game, and the chances of getting banned are very low.

How to set up a controller to play Free Fire?

  1. Download Panda Gamepad pro
  2. Open Panda Gamepad pro and use an OTG cable to connect the gamepad or controller with your mobile device; I am using an Xbox 360 wired controller.
  3.  Now, in the app, it will show that your controller is connected.
  4. Now, you have to click on gamepad calibration and calibrate your controller.
  5. Once, you have calibrated your controller, you have to tap on Free Fire, and follow the next three steps.
  6. In the first step, you have to give floating widget access to the app.
  7. In the second step, you have to turn off battery optimization for the app.
  8. And, in the third and last step, you have to pay attention, because you are most likely to do a mistake here.
  9. You’ll need a computer in order to do this; this is only a one-time process.
  10. First of all, you have to go to settings and scroll down to About Phone and click 6-8 times on Build Number, to enable developer options.
  11. Now, you have to go back to settings and open developer options.
  12. After that, scroll down to USB debugging and turn it on.
  13. Now, you have to download a file on your computer from this link –
  14. It will be a zip file, extract it.
  15. Then, you have to connect your mobile device with the computer using a data cable.
  16. Open Panda Gamepad pro and click on activate.
  17. Allow USB debugging and then, double click on active.bat
  18. Within 5-10 seconds, the process will be completed.
  19. Now just open Free Fire and start playing, before you play to set the buttons using the panda button, according to your preference.


In this blog, you might have read about how you can setup up your gamepad your controller with your mobile device to play Free Fire.

If you find this article helpful, do share it with your friends and comment down below, if you have any questions.



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