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Best Combinations For Garena Free Fire in 2020|The Ultimate Guide

If you are new to Garena Free Fire and are confused about which are the best gun combinations in Free Fire, then this blog is for you.

In this blog, you will read about the best gun combinations in Garena Free Fire, which will help you to play better and rank higher in Garena Free Fire.

1. Groza + M79 + M1873-

The most dangerous combination in the game. The most powerful AR (Groza), when combined with the most dangerous weapon (m79) equals to a fabulous combination.

You can use Groza in mid-range with 4x scope easily, but there is a problem in this gun that is it could be found only in airdrops.

M79 could be used as a deadly weapon to kill enemies that are behind a rock, tree, or camping inside a house. It is also the most used gun in PUBG mobile.

M1873 would be helpful to use in close combats. It is a mini shotgun, which comes in the third category, which means the pistol category. It could be named as a son of Spas-12, which is also a shotgun.

This is the best combination which is used by most of the professional players.

2. AK47 + M1014-

One of the perfect combinations in the game, this combination is also one of the best combinations which are used by most of the professional players.

AK47 is perfect with M1014 because the success rate of AK47 is very high in the middle range.

Use AK47 only when you have high-level attachments (Muzzle and Foregrip) because this gun without attachments makes recoil which cannot be controlled.

M1014 could be used in close range fights, it is a shotgun that you can easily find on the map.

3. M4A1 +M1014/MP40 + M1873-

This combination is one of my favorite combinations in Free Fire. M4A1 could be used in long-range fight and mid-range also.

If your ammo finishes while killing an enemy you could directly use MP40 to spray. You could use M1014 if your aim in close range is good and also if you can tap fast.

Don’t use M1014 in mid-range. If you don’t know to use M1014 then there is a great option, that is MP40 and M1873 could be used in a very close range.

4. AWM + MP40 + M1873-

The best combination for solo. Always remember AWM is only successful when used with MP40.

AWM is the best sniper to knock an enemy in the middle range and long-range. If you are unable to knock an enemy with AWM, you should directly take out MP40 and start to spray otherwise there is a high chance to get knocked if you are in an open area.

Use M1873 in close range to kill the enemies. M1873 is also known as a mini shotgun.

5. FAMAS+ MP40 + M1873-

This combination is also a used combination of most players. You can use FAMAS in long-range, but you have to tap fast to use it perfectly.

FAMAS is not good in mid-range because you have to tap fast, for this your aim may become bad.

MP40 could be used in close range due to its high-speed bullet. You can easily kill enemies using this gun. M1873 could be used in close range to kill enemies easily.


In this blog, you might have read about the best gun combinations in Garena Free Fire, which will help you to improve your skills and rank higher.

If you found this blog helpful, then do share it with your friends and comment down below if you have any questions.


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